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John Wray, Independent Director

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John operates Tuckamore Acres with his partner Lauren and his two children at the foot of the North Mountain near Woodville, Kings County.  Founded in 2016, they raise grass-fed Highland cattle and operate a farrow-to-finish free-range pastured Heritage piggery.  They sell direct to consumers, at farmers markets and also in retail stores.

John’s background is varied, having run a small media company for a decade, but whose formal training means he holds a MDiv. degree and is ordained minister in the United Church.  He loves creating and building things.  He uses all this training from time-to-time on his farm. Ironically, prior to moving to a farm, he had no prior farming experience, so he has many, many stories to tell. It also means he brings a fresh perspective to starting and running a farm.

John is really passionate about small-scale local agriculture and local food.  He believes that we should all aim for a high percentage of local food consumption and that all farms, including his own, should be focused on an ongoing process of increasing sustainability through constant innovation and creativity.  He is always learning about new, regenerative farming practices and thinks building organic matter is, well, amazing.

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