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“Gentle Dragons” Found Food

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“Gentle Dragons” heard excellent presentations in November from existing and developing farmers and food producers from across the Province. FarmWorks will need to raise a substantial amount of money in the next CEDIF Offer to provide loans to those who qualify. We’ll soon be adding short profiles of the Presenters.

Friday, November 9th, THE BLOCKHOUSE SCHOOL, 63 School Road, BLOCKHOUSE, 12 – 4 pm 

Presenters: The Blockhouse SchoolFlying Apron CookeryMa Bell’s Country CondimentsCultivator’s Market, EarthWood: A Pilot Proposal, Prometheus, Rustik Magazine

Dragons: Jo Ann Fewer, CEO of Perennia Inc.; Gary Morton, Morton Horticultural Associates; Jonathan McClelland, NS Co-op Council; Ross Piercey, Business Development Consultant

Wednesday, November 14th, THE MASONIC HALL, 24 Queen Street, BADDECK, 6 – 9 pm 

Presenters: The Big Spruce, Kingsville FarmThe Wandering Shepherd, Bee Happy, Down North Cookhouse, Local Locale

Dragons: Paul Eyking, TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture; Av Singh, Perennia Organic and Rural Development Specialist; Alison Scott Butler, FarmWorks Director

Saturday, November 17th, THE WOLFVILLE FARMERS MARKET,  WOLFVILLE, 6 – 9 pm 

Presenters: Ratinaud French Cuisine , King County Farmers’ Market Share, Aquaponics Atlantic, Helen B’s Preserves, Andrew Laing, Meander River Farm,  Grocery MD , Valley Flax Flour, Helen and Neil Jarvis

Dragons: Debra Moore, Just Us Coffee; Ross Piercey, Business Development Consultant; Kris Keddy, Investors Group Financial Analyst

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