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The Gentle Dragons found many current and potential food producers right across the Province and throughout the next months some of them will show up on this website when they qualify to receive loans from FarmWorks. 

In January and February there were FarmWorks information sessions and “Gentle Dragons” food producer showcases across Nova Scotia. Everyone was invited to attend to hear from local producers and to learn how FarmWorks is supporting producers. Shares in FarmWorks provide Provincial tax credits. The March 3rd Offer has closed but will reopen to accommodate additional investors (see below).

People presented their plans or their ideas for producing more food in Nova Scotia and the Gentle Dragons and the audience made suggestions and asked questions. For information about future Gentle Dragons session please contact Linda Best, 902-542-3442.



FarmWorks’ Mission is to promote, and provide, strategic and responsible community investment in food production and distribution in order to increase access to a sustainable local food supply for all Nova Scotians. The goals of the Gentle Dragons Sessions are to promote local enterprises that provide food and beverages; to raise awareness of potential opportunities for investment in food-related businesses that require funding in order to provide more local, sustainable, healthy food; and to inform the public about the Nova Scotia Community Economic Development Investment program and how potential investors can purchase shares.

Presentations are invited from Nova Scotian food producers seeking to increase sustainable production of food, whether or not they are seeking funding from FarmWorks. Each presenter will have five minutes and, if desired, up to 10 slides to tell their stories, followed by Q&A and comments from the Gentle Dragons and the audience. Presenters are encouraged to promote their businesses with literature, samples and conversation. This is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your businesses and products and to build relationships with potential investors, the public and other businesses. An objective of the sessions is to raise awareness and encourage people to invest in local food-related businesses. Please review the criteria for loans if you are seeking capital. FarmWorks is already supporting 21 enterprises and we’re looking for more great opportunities for Nova Scotian investment.

Gary Kent  – Vincent Food Dressings:

Have you ever had a business idea or are you presently working on your Big Idea and wondering how the Dragons would respond to it? This is your chance! Even if you don’t want to take it to the next level but want an opportunity to try it out on the Dragons (GENTLE DRAGONS that is) you can.

Yes, the Gentle Dragons of FarmWorks will be giving you that opportunity. Whether you’re asking for their support in the form of a loan, or making the right contacts, or getting some needed mentoring, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Just ask Gary Kent of Vincent Dressings.  ”I had an idea and needed some help to get it off the ground. The Gentle Dragons liked my idea and the good folks of FarmWorks helped make it happen. You can do this too by presenting your ideas to the Gentle Dragons.”

FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited

January 27th, 2014

FarmWorks Community Economic Development Fund facilitates investment in Nova Scotian farms and food-related enterprises.

The Directors of FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited are pleased to announce that the application for a Certificate of Registration under the Nova Scotia Equity Tax Credit Legislation (the “Legislation”) has been approved by the Minister of Finance and that a letter of non-objection has been received from the Nova Scotia Securities Commission. Shares are $100 each and are now available – contact information below.

CEDIFs are an increasingly popular tax-advantage investment model. Investors who purchase shares in the FarmWorks Community Economic Development Investment Fund (FarmWorks CEDIF) and who meet the criteria as set out in the Legislation are eligible to receive a personal 35% Nova Scotia non-refundable Tax Credit on taxes payable or paid (may be carried forwards 7 years and backward 3 years) and further Tax Credits of 20% and 10% at the 5 and 10 year investment anniversaries provided FarmWorks CEDIF meets certain conditions. Investments are eligible as an RRSP contribution. The shares are not traded on any stock exchange and their value is not materially affected by daily fluctuations in the stock market.

The Directors of FarmWorks are committed to promoting and providing strategic and responsible community investment in food production and distribution in order to increase access to a sustainable local food supply for all Nova Scotians. There is significant potential for food-related enterprises to contribute to Provincial economic output. Production of food creates jobs on farms and throughout the food system, increases food sufficiency, keeps money in Nova Scotia and provides economic stimulus to reinvigorate rural communities. In two years FarmWorks has already raised $449,500 and has loaned that money to 21 Nova Scotian businesses. There are many additional entrepreneurs seeking loans to help grow their businesses.

During the last 50 years foods procured from lower cost regions have displaced the bulk of local production. However, concerns about supply, cost, health, environment and other issues are bringing about a gradual reversal of that trend. But the loss of markets has decreased the capacity and capital required to provide increasing amounts of local food. Investment in farms and production is essential if significant gains are to be made. Investments in the FarmWorks CEDIF are being used to provide subordinated debt funding to sustainable farms and food-related businesses to help increase agricultural and related economic activity.

The Directors of FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited are Richard Melvin, Ann Anderson, Linda Best, Kris Keddy, Alison Scott Butler, Stephen Anderson, Alicia Lake, Chloe Kennedy and Joe MacEachern. The Directors seek advice on finance, agriculture, economic development, education, and health from professionals across the Province.


For more information contact:

Linda Best, FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited 
Phone: (902)542-3442 or (902)670-3660

Thursday, January 23, Best Western Hotel, 527 Highway #10, Bridgewater, 7 pm
Tuesday, January 28, Seaport Farmers’ Market, Halifax, 7 pm
Wednesday, Jan 29, New Dawn Center for Social Innovation, Sydney, 7:30 pm
Friday, January 31, Big Spruce Brewery, Yankeetown Road, Nyanza, (no Dragons), 2 pm
Monday evening, February 3, Gabrieau’s – Hawthorn Room, Antigonish, 7 pm
Tuesday, February 4, The Stirling Room, 259 Main Street, Tatamagouche, 7 pm
Wednesday, February 5, Wandlyn Inn, 1539 Southampton Road, Amherst, 7 pm
Thursday, February 6, Gillespie House, 358 Main Street, Parrsboro, 7 pm
Monday, February 10, Irving Centre Auditorium, Wolfville, 7 pm
Tuesday, February 11, Meander River Farm, Ashdale, 7 pm
Wednesday, February 12, The Deanery Project, 37 Deanery Road, Ship Harbour, 7 pm
Tuesday, February 18, Lion and Bright, 2534 Agricola Street, Halifax, (no Dragons), 7 pm
Wednesday, February 19, Salle Père Maurice LeBlanc Theatre, Tusket, 5:30 pm
Thursday, February 20, Annapolis Royal Fire Hall, 5 Saint Anthony Street, 7 pm


Wednesday, February 26, Berwick Town Hall, 236 Commercial Street, Berwick, 7 pm 

Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development, Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Yarmouth County Vanguard, Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia, Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre, ACORN Grow a Farmer Program, Halifax Farmers’ Market, Weymouth Farmers Community Market, Argyle Farmers’ and Artisanal Market, Argyle Municipality, Friends of Agriculture in NS. 

If you have any questions, please email Linda Best or phone 902-542-3442. If you wish to submit an application please download the form at email it to Linda Best – or fax it to 902-542-5812. Assistance with presentations, if desired, will be provided by the FarmWorks Board.

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