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Lindy DeCoste, Director

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Lindy grew up in rural Nova Scotia where, the youngest of five, she helped plant and grow the potatoes that the family lived off of through the winter. This taught her a big lesson about the importance of producing food locally, and created a connection with food that she has taken with her all of her life.

One of her favourite activities is going to the Valley to enjoy the many diverse offerings; drinking wine in a beautiful vineyard, tubing down the Gaspereau River, picking peaches at an organic u-pick, paddle boarding in the bay of Fundy, or drinking beer on a brewery patio to live music – these are just a few of the amazing activities that the Valley has on offer!  Lindy is proud to be a member of FarmWorks which helps support small businesses and gives them the opportunity and resources they need to succeed.

Lindy has an honours mathematics degree from Dalhousie University and continued her education from there becoming an actuary recognized globally by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries.  She worked for 10+ years as a pension consultant at boutique pension consulting firms, learning the ins and outs of retirement benefits, valuing defined benefit pension plans, and offering advice on plan design. She is an Excel guru thanks to the many, many hours spent analyzing data.  From pensions, she moved into insurtech, working for a software company that provides services to the reinsurance industry (ie, insurance for insurance companies).  As a risk consultant, she works with clients globally to help them understand and manage their risk.

I have a passion for sustainable development and living in harmony with the world around us. As a problem solver I think there is no problem that cannot be solved and I enjoy solving problems that affect everyone.

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