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Ginny Point – Secretary

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Ginny Point has a long standing interest in agriculture and healthy food. It started years ago when working at the Ecology Action Centre, with the agriculture committee. She was fascinated by the interconnections between sustainable agriculture, healthy people and a healthy planet. That led to wanting to learn more about the specifics of nutrition, so she enrolled in the School of Nutrition at Acadia University. After graduation, for many years Ginny worked at a dietitian, until her retirement in January 2018. For numerous years she managed the Food Services Department of Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre, where she made purchasing local food a key priority.

She has been a member of Friends of Agriculture for many years, strongly supporting the Food Summits, and other special events such as the April Flavours. An avid gardener, she and her family grow almost all the produce for the family on their very large and somewhat eclectic garden, on their property at Lorax Woodlands on South Mountain.  She is delighted to have the opportunity to join the Board of FarmWorks in 2018.

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