FarmWorks Directors seek assistance from the following people as needed:

Charles Keddy – Charles Keddy Farms

Gary Morton – Morton Horticultural Consultants

Edith Callaghan – Business Professor, Acadia

Rupert Jannasch – Ironwood Farm

Duncan Ebata- Social Media, Web and Marketing

Jeremy White – Engineer, Marketing, Big Spruce Brewing

Irena Knezevic – Communications Professor

Mark Vardy – Insurance Professional, Community Volunteer

Andrew Button- Social Entrepreneur

Geoff Appleby – Certified Financial Analyst

Stephen Anderson – Food Economy Group, Former Director FarmWorks

Alison Scott Butler – Retired Lawyer, Former Director FarmWorks

Natalie Smith – Economic Development

Wesley Booth – Digital Media and Social Marketing

John Webster – Business Analytics

Werner Mueller, Business Consultant

Leslie Brown, Former Director, Retired MSVU Professor