Annapolis Valley Region

FarmWorks Clients Annapolis Valley Region

Meadowbrook Meat Market, Berwick

Valley Flaxflour, Middleton

Gold Island Bakery, Scotch Village

Horton Ridge Malt and Grain Company, Hortonville

Meander River Farm, Brewery and Cidery, Ashdale

The Flying Apron Inn and Cookery, Summerville

Shivani’s Kitchen, Newport Station Food Hub

Avondale Sky Winery and Restaurant, Avondale

Getaway Farm, North of Canning

Oakview Farm, Kingsport

HumbleBee Farm, Wilmot

Rocky Top Farm, Forties

MacDougall Meadows Farm, Centre Burlington

Annapolis Valley Luffa, Avonport

La Ferme Bouton D’or, Leminster

Sissiboo Coffee Roaster and Cafe, Bear River and Annapolis Royal

Bessie North House, Canning

Tucamore Acres, Lakeville

Jonny’s Cookhouse and Ice Cream Shop, Berwick

Chrismaria Family Restaurant, New Minas

Revival Seeds, North of Middleton

The Station Food Hub, Newport Station

Coywolf Farm and Canning Sauce Company, Canning

Moorbern Farm, Scotch Village

Elmridge Farm, Sheffield Mills