Annapolis Valley Luffa

Annapolis Valley Luffa grows, processes and markets top quality Luffa sponge. This product is unique in that the Luffa is grown in a chemical free environment and supports an important Canadian market, satisfying earth-friendly citizens who value locally grown, eco-friendly products. The possibilities for good in terms of Luffa gourde are varied, many and significant.

Sustainability is a critical value for Annapolis Valley Luffa founder, Cindy Oulton. With some help from mother nature, Annapolis Valley Luffa products are locally grown and developed through Cindy’s hard work, dedication, and love for the environment.

The luffa cylindrica is a plant with many uses, and Annapolis Valley Luffa focuses on the personal body sponge aspect of the plant. Unlike other “sponge” products in the market, Annapolis Valley luffa sponges are grown as a gourd in an organically certified environment, are renewable, reusable, and clean from any chemical treatment.

Growing and processing top quality luffa sponges that are 100% natural, biodegradable, free from chemicals, and a pleasing alternative to plastic, Annapolis Valley Luffa eliminates any need to sacrifice luxury and convenience for sustainability.