Getaway Farm – North of Canning

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Located on North Mountain with scenic views of the Bay of Fundy Getaway Farm is practicing agriculture in a truly new and exciting way. Getaway raises beef on an exclusively grass-fed diet. This means that the cattle are on pasture in the summer and a healthy mix of hay and silage through the winter. Grass fed beef tends to grow more slowly than grain fed beef, and as a result there are much higher levels of heart healthy Omega 3 fats, and a much better flavour in the meat.

“At Getaway Farms, we believe that the best possible food, raised in the best possible way, is best provided by family farms. Over the years, we have watched as industrial agricultural practices have wreaked havoc on the once noble trade of farming. Constant food recalls, massive ecological damage, rampant use of chemicals and drugs, and irresponsible use of resources have become the hallmark of modern agriculture. At Getaway, we aim to do things different.”

Getaway Farm beef and other meats can be found at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market six days a week as well as at the Highland Drive Storehouse on Kay Street in the Hydrostone Market.

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