Gold Island Bakery – Scotch Village

Gold Island Bakery is a business venture started by Jessica Ross in the fall of 2009. Gold Island Bakery has an extensive line of whole grain, organic baked goods and low-sugar preserves. The objective of Gold Island Bakery is to promote the consumption of highly nutritious, delicious, and locally crafted food products through the production of sourdough breads, whole grain sweets, low-sugar fruit preserves, crispy low-sodium pickles and the distribution of small-scale artisanal cheeses.

Jessica bakes these breads and treats using Speerville Flour. Speerville Products are whole grain, very high integrity flours from New Brunswick. Speerville has developed relationships with farmers who grow organic grain just for the Mill. Jessica has three sourdough cultures and makes different breads from them. She started one herself, got one from a Haligonian baker friend and one from a mentor in Chico, California.

Jessica’s primary bread training came from three seasons of work in different bakeries in Germany. Jessica has also casually apprenticed under an incredibly talented whole-grain baker in Northern California named Larry Jansen- owner of Hearth and Stone Bakery (Chico, CA).

Today, Jessica bakes in her own bakery at a co-op farm she is a member of in Scotch Village, Nova Scotia. She has a bakery with a wood-fired oven, which was constructed out of a shipping container! You can purchase Jessica’s products at the Halifax Historic Farmers’ Market on Lower Water Street.

Gold Island Bakery exists using old world techniques and a belief in the beauty and importance of hand-made, high quality food stuffs that will make you strong and healthy!

For more information, check out Gold Island Bakery’s website and Facebook page!

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