Kisik Ridge Estate Farm – Outram

Kisik Ridge is a new farm farm located on the North Mountain back of Middleton on the Bay of Fundy. Kisik Ridge is owned and operated by Ray Bear and Saronn Pov, the successful team behind Studio East Food+Drink in Halifax. Ray Bear is an award winning chef with over 28 years of culinary expertise, and Saronn Pov brings her Cambodian flair to their food, having been in the food industry for over 14 years cooking and promoting local and sustainable food.

Studio East Food+Drink is a highly recognized and award winning neighbourhood restaurant in the North End of Halifax, and is known for its commitment to quality food, exciting and unique global menu and its vision of sustainability. The biggest challenge however for Studio East has been getting enough local supply of free range pork, chicken, and ethnic produce that is of high quality, consistently available and affordable.

Kisik Ridge was established to help meet the challenge of sourcing local supplies of meat and produce. The farm grows quality produce and livestock in a sustainable, humane way. Through a combination of greenhouses, vegetable gardens, and livestock production, the farm will grow to provide year-round products to Studio East, helping them move towards their long term goal of becoming a true Farm to Table restaurant.