Meadowbrook Meat Market – North of Berwick

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Meadowbrook Farm has been in operation since the 1970s and has had a meat market for 23 years. They started raising hogs in the early 1990’s and Meadowbrook met major challenges by working with animal nutritionists to grow the best possible pork using all-natural, antibiotic and animal by product free feed – the first in Atlantic Canada.

Meadowbrook Meat Market started in a small building, open Saturdays to sell a side of pork, fresh cuts and ham. Over the years the Market grew exponentially, along with the size of the staff. Meadowbrook is provincially inspected and animals are slaughtered at a Provincially- inspected facility.

In October of 2007, a new, much larger processing and retail market opened with much more space for processing and for sales of Meadowbrook products and those of over 30 local producers.

Year round catering is provided by Pork on Wheels. New products are continually being developed, including the very popular wieners (Jimmie Dogs) and bologna, both of which are gluten and animal byproduct free.

Thanks to the support of their knowledgeable staff and their customers, Meadowbrook Meat Market is thriving!

For more information about products, services & hours of operation, check out Meadowbrook’s website and Facebook page!


“We are sincerely thankful to our family, staff, friends along with the amazing people we have met, worked with and have come to know as our true supporters. They have kept us energized about what we do each day. Quality, safety and the environment are priorities in making our business sustainable. We continue to look forward to developing new opportunities and giving back to the communities that have supported us.”

Margie Lamb