Meander River Farm – near Brooklyn, Hants County

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Meander River Farm is a diversified farm business of multiple enterprises based on humane and natural animal production, sustainable woodlot management, agri-tourism events, lavender and hop production, and an on-farm micro-brewery. We are organically stewarding our resources in a diversified operation where each part relies on the other. Animals produce fertilizer, eat pests, and weed existing plantations, cultivate and reclaim neglected land for future hop yard expansion. Our hops are one of the primary ingredients in beer, lavender is used in beer and our culinary products, spent grain from the brewery is fed to animals and used as organic compost for soil enhancement.

Our customers are members of our local community, urban dwellers, and tourists who appreciate exceptional quality, knowing how their food is raised and where there food comes from. We want to create a unique farm experience that connects our customers with our products. Future development is based on slow and steady long term growth that will generate sustainable and profitable revenue streams. The micro-brewing industry in Nova Scotia grew 29% last year.  This number supports the shift of consumers towards small craft brewers, as it was many years ago. Our hop yard operation is the re-birth of a traditional industry that has a history in every corner of the world.