Revival Seeds – north of Middleton

Farming has been a longstanding family tradition for the Byrka family, with seed saving and traditional farming practices dating back to almost a hundred years. Farming has seen generations of the Byrka family travel from Eastern Europe, to the Canadian Prairies and Province of Manitoba, and now to the East Coast and Province of Nova Scotia.

The original family homestead in Riding Mountain, Manitoba established a market garden business selling heirloom vegetables and seeds to local merchants and settlers. They soon gained a reputation for having produce and seeds of superior quality. The heritage of quality seed and hardy selection continued for almost fifty years at mostly a local level.

As 4th and 5th generations of Byrka family seed savers, Ken and Kathy Byrka have moved to Nova Scotia with their three daughters Rachel, Mallory, and Victoria. They have been fortunate enough to have retained a few of the original heirloom varieties, along with the growing knowledge of seed selection and saving. Continuing the tradition of the original homestead farm in Manitoba, Revival Seeds now operates in the Annapolis Valley and provides hardy heirloom and open pollinated, diverse garlic, vegetable, and herb seed varieties under organic production principles.