Valley Flaxflour – Middleton

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Valley Flaxflour, Middleton

Valley Flaxflour in Middleton processes and packages premium quality whole, brown and golden flax seeds, the only milled flax seed on the market in Atlantic Canada, using Western Canada flax seeds that are tested to ensure the highest standard for human consumption. The facility is dedicated to Gluten Free production, and the small, conscientious staff is committed to producing fresh, safe products. Valley flax flour Ltd is shelf stable for over 18 months from date of milling, and local production enables immediate responses to requests for product and reduces time in transit and storage. This helps to ensure the freshness of our products for an extended shelf life.

Valley Flaxflour Ltd has been processing, packaging and selling flax flour into the Health Care and Equine markets for over 14 years. With premium fine milled flax flour and the proprietary Natural Bowel Care Program “as easy as eating” supporting the use of flax flour in the Long Term Care market, they have successfully grown sales in Atlantic Canada and Ontario, and are currently expanding into the Alberta marketplace. Valley Flax for Horses is distributed through Co-op, Shur-Gain and Clarence Farm Services / Purina throughout Atlantic Canada.

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