Lupin Dining and Pantry – Musquodoboit Harbour

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Lupin Dining & Pantry is a small farm-to-table restaurant situated on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, just a short drive from Metro Halifax. With her team, Chef Kim MacPherson provides an elevated dining experience, inspired by the garden and flavours of the Maritimes in a beautiful tranquil country setting.

Lupin provides food made fresh from the most local, spray-free, and organic ingredients available. Their product is sourced locally and inspired to fit the seasons. Each meal is produced by culinary professionals with a nutritional background creating healthy whole food meals and snacks with the highest quality ingredients.

“At Food Intuition we love to get creative with seasonal ingredients from Nova Scotia producers. Catering to any type of function from meetings, cocktail parties, showers or weddings. We create menus with health in mind while tailoring to your dietary requirements and theme of your event.”


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“Knowing how to cook, and learning about the benefits of eating local, seasonal food has allowed me to create a stronger relationship with my food. And this is what I want to share with you.”

– Kim MacPherson, Founder, Food Intuition

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