Sober Island Brewing Company – Sheet Harbour

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Sober Island Brewing Company is a small rural Nova Scotian brewery producing quality craft beer using local ingredients. The company was founded by Rebecca Atkinson, a young businesswoman who returned to her hometown of Sheet Harbour after some time spent living in Wales. Since returning, Rebecca has set out to increase tourism on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore by constructing a destination brewery on Sober Island:

“As they explored our coastal waters, legend has it Nova Scotia sailors would toast the discovery of new lands. As you can imagine, navigating the Eastern Shore archipelagos led to more than a few raised glasses. By the time they reached our home, supplies were understandably short and only one name seemed appropriate…Sober Island. But today, warm hospitality and craft ale await all those with an adventurous heart.”

Currently Atkinson has gained access to land on Sober Island, just 15 minutes from Sheet Harbour. She plans to build a road and survey the land for the perfect spot to build the microbrewery. Construction is aimed for 2019. In the meantime, Sober Island Brewing Co. brews on a 7bbl system in Sheet Harbour and their products can be found at the farmers’ market in Sheet Harbour every second weekend.

According to Atkinson, “It is our goal to bring awareness to, and share, this beautiful place we live in!”

For more information about Sober Island Brewing Company, check out their website and “like” them on Facebook!

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