Friends of Agriculture in NS

Food For Nova Scotia's Healthy Future

FarmWorks provides space for Friends of Agriculture in Nova Scotia 

FANS – Healthy fields, farms and food for the people and communities of Nova Scotia now and in the future. FANS may provide small grants to organizations that share FANS goals. News Release below.
FANS Grant Application Form 2022.

Three events Spring 2022!

Spring Flavours will raise awareness of Nova Scotian food producers and providers who are associated by FarmWorks and Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia. It’s sponsored by FANS and funds remaining will be available for grants to community-based food-related organizations.


Healthy fields, farms and food for the people and communities of Nova Scotia now and in the future


Educating ourselves and others with regard to local and global issues, seeking solutions, and promoting food security and sustainability within an interconnected framework


We will educate ourselves and others about issues that affect the food supply for Nova Scotians. These issues include local and global trends, availability of a secure and sustainable supply, the economy, health, financial opportunities for food producers and individuals, reversibility of rural decline, climate impacts, and the social and cultural benefits of producing food.


We will foster networking among citizens, farmers, economists, specialists, politicians, academics and all others who contribute to solutions.


Linda Best, Chair, Greenwich
Richard Melvin, Vice Chair, Canning
Ann Anderson, Secretary, Wolfville
Alison Scott Butler, Director, Canning
Stephen Anderson, Director, Wolfville
Dave Bethune, Director, Halifax
Valerie VanOostrum, Director, Berwick
Jayn Kenny, Director, Black River
Sarah MacDonald, Director, Kentville

2018 Birthday Roast and Toast For Ann Anderson and Linda Best raised funds for FANS and 4-H 

May Flavours Gala Dinner and Silent Auction – May 30th, 2019 raised awareness of local food and money for food organizations


Food Summit Graphic 2009

Links to Food Summit Videos:

Dr Alan Warner – Local Procurement

Dr. Catherine Mah – Healthy Food  

Annabelle Singleton – Community 

Emily Tipton – Community and Economy 

Chris de Waal, Getaway Farm – Farming Challenges

Carrie Poyser, Poyser Farm – Financing Challenges

Slide Presentations:

The Port Grocer_FoodSummit2016

Food, Culture, and Community Food Summit

CHB Food Summit presentation May 2016

Miller NS Food Summit presentation

Baxter 2016 Food Summit

 Puzzle Piece graphic and Student Reflections Press Release

 Puzzle Pieces results

Here’s the previous Nova Scotia Food Summit Report Dec 15, 2009 which may help us understand what has changed and what needs to change.

Resetting the Table – People’s Food Policy Document 



FANS began as a group of people interested in supporting local agriculture in the spring of 2008. In 2009 members of FANS organized, promoted and held the very successful Food Summit in Greenwich, which attracted 250 participants. The report is available here – Nova Scotia Food Summit Report Dec 15, 2009.

In 2012 FANS was incorporated as a Society to raise money through charitable means for organizations that share FANS mission. The organizations also sponsors some FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited events.

FANS has given $500 grants to many organizations to create accessible, beautiful, and edible green spaces, to use sustainable practices to increase urban agriculture and empower the community through learning skills around growing produce, to help support projects to bring people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food while working together with the broader food movement to build greater capacity for impact and to empower communities to work toward a healthy and fair food system.

Money raised through auctions at April and May Flavours are used to provide small grants to help achieve initiatives other organizations have in common with the goals of FANS: to educate the public about the issues affecting the food supply of Nova Scotians, and to promote food security and sustainability within an interconnected framework of community members (farmers, citizens, economists, specialists, politicians, academics and all others who contribute to solutions).


Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust

Children’s Summer Camp Lunch Program 

 Sipekne’katik Community Garden

Dartmouth North Community Food Centre

Berwick Community Gardens

SOUP Project

Bear River Garden

Acadia Garden


Berwick Community Garden

Young Naturalists


Acadia Garden

Partners for Care

Berwick District Livestock Shelter

Pan Cape Breton Food Hub