Goodmore Kombucha – Dartmouth

Goodmore Kombucha was founded by Alexis and Kevin Moore, two winemakers with over 25 years of combined international experience in premium wine production. Alexis and Kevin have returned home to Nova Scotia with a strong desire to share their passion for creative flavours and healthy living with their local community. The result is small batch Kombucha made with love in Nova Scotia. Organic teas and natural botanicals make Goodmore’s raw, living brews decidedly tea-first.

Kombucha is a probiotic, fermented tea that originated in China roughly 2000 years ago as a health ‘elixir’. A lightly effervescent, naturally low-alcohol beverage, kombucha has been commercially available in the USA since the mid-90’s. Kombucha has had a surge of popularity in recent years, due largely to the presence of healthy acids and enzymes, B-vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants found in the beverage. Many people find kombucha aids digestions, boosts immunity, assists with detoxification and acts as an adaptogen, thus helping individuals manage stress and recover a state of healthy balance.

Goodmore Kombucha produces handcrafted, raw, organic kombucha with uplifting and refined flavours. Goodmore Kombucha is a flavourful, delicious craft-beverage that is both invigorating and stimulating. It contains antioxidants and low amounts of caffeine from tea, and offers a range of seven core kombucha flavours that include White Elderflower Ginger, Green Rosehip Hibiscus, Green Mint Chamomile, Oolong Hop Cardamom, Oolong Rooibos Rose, Black Ginger, and Black Lavender Sage.