Birdie’s Bread Company – Dartmouth

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Located in near the Woodside Ferry Terminal inDartmouth, Birdie’s Bread Co. is owned and operated by Jessica Best. Birdie’s Bakery bakes quality hand crafted breads with fresh, local ingredients.

Birdies Bread Co. is locally owned and operated and focuses on naturally-leavened breads, made with locally grown grains. We have a beautiful Austrian stone mill right in the shop which provides the freshest flour possible! All of our flours are 100% whole grain, and stone milling preserves all the goodness (like the bran, germ, endosperm, and all that geeky stuff!) and most importantly the flavour! We’ve been working really closely with the lovely folks at Longspell Point Farm in Canning, Nova Scotia. They grow all kinds of beautiful heritage, spray free grains including Red Fife Wheat, Acadia Wheat, Rye, and Oats.

Come by the shop to see our gorgeous mill on display, and you might even see it in action while we mill the flour for your bread!

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