Local Source Market – Halifax

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Local Source was founded in 2005 to provide local, fresh and healthy food alternatives. Now three Local Source businesses – Catering, Market, Bakery – feature local and seasonal with an emphasis on delicious foods. Local Source market has become a community hub offering private cooking classes and nutrition services, and it serves as a gathering place for agriculture based talks.

Local Source aims to try to flow with the seasons and tailor their menus to what is available in abundance locally.  They aim to provide high quality, healthy foods, to connect urban people with farming communities.  The long term goal of Local Source is to help boost the local economy and to foster a vibrant and dynamic food culture in Nova Scotia.

Buying locally offers consumers a healthy alternative, reduces food miles and waste, and supports a more sustainable model of agriculture.  Local Source follows this philosophy as a way to enjoy a greater quality of life with healthier, tastier lifestyles that become more in tuned with the seasons.

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