Hill’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce – Harrietsfield

Originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica, Paul
Hill moved to Nova Scotia in 1994. He worked at Casino Nova Scotia and a few
pubs and bars in Halifax for a number of years. No longer satisfied with that
kind of lifestyle, Paul was encouraged by friends and family to start selling
his jerk sauce and to pursue his own business.

Jerk refers to a way that a meat, be it
chicken, beef, pork, goat, fish, tofu, and vegetables or fruit is seasoned and
cooked. This style of seasoning and cooking is authentically Jamaican, and uses
a marinade or a paste that includes pimento peppers, and scotch bonnet peppers,
also known as habanero peppers. The meat is then marinated and slowly cooked
and smoked.

Hill’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce’s mission is to
create the best quality authentic Jamaican jerk sauce using some of the finest
herbs and spices indigenous to Jamaica and Nova Scotia that will leave every
customer satisfied and wanting more. Hill’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce can be
purchased at Pete’s Frootique and Sobeys stores across Nova Scotia and soon will
be across Atlantic Canada and beyond.