Bramble Hill Farm

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Bramble Hill Farm, Greenhill

Owned and operated by Cathy Munro and her family, Bramble Hill Farm is a diverse business that includes: commercial hops, poultry, CKC registered Labrador Retriever breeder and an Etsy shop.

At Bramble Hill Farm they are all about: organic, out-door living, great food, craft beer (they grow commercial hops), gardening, self-sufficiency, learning by doing, getting dirty, raising pigs and chickens, CKC reg’d labrador retriever breeders, cooking real meals, preserving, crafting high quality kids items, etsy, greenhouse adventures, and seeking the real in everyday life!

Many of Cathy’s projects are done with primary benefits for her family, but then may have something extra that she has grown or created, which she opens up for opportunities for others to purchase. Since all of her products are grown or created with extreme care for her family, you know you are receiving the best home grown products too!

“I hope that by sharing my story and our busy diverse life I can inspire you (or you can just follow to see what crazy thing I might take on next!) and that we can all find connections sharing our stories that make us each unique amazing people and families! Thank you!” – Cathy Munro

For more information about Bramble Hill Farm, check out their website and “like” them on Facebook!

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