Loch Abar Farms – Lochabar

19029200_150162502196167_1134066134634646200_nLoch Abar Farms is a licensed pastured chicken operation in Lochaber, 15 minutes from Antigonish. Founded by Dan MacIssac, their goal is to provide a local source of healthy, top quality free range chicken.

Dan MacIssac acknowledges that not all food is created equal – stores are filled with slogans stating “natural” or “organic”  but these labels do not necessarily equal nutrition. This is his reasoning for raising a better chicken at Loch Abar Farms; a chicken that lives the way a chicken should live: waking up with the sun outside in a green field and eating what they choose from grasses to clover. This is where healthy chicken comes from – rich in omega fatty acids and full of flavor.

Chickens at Loch Abar Farms are moved to new grass multiple times per day so their time is spent eating less feed and more grass that provides enriched nutrition. “As the chickens consume the grass and cover new ground each day, they are unknowingly healing the land beneath their feet so that other nutritious foods can be grown in the future.”

Loch Abar Farms is licensed by Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia to produce free range pastured poultry. All feed is certified GMO-free and processing is conducted by federally inspected facilities.

“The mission of Loch Abar Farms is to continue the growth of high quality locally grown agricultural products. We should know where our food comes from; we are committed to giving you a transparent look at the process as we move forward.”

Interested in purchasing some Loch Abar chicken? Orders are placed through the website! For information and to stay up to date, make sure to “like” Loch Abar Farms on Facebook!