Skye Glen Creamery

Meghan and Matt farm in Skye Glen with their daughters Sophie and Heidi. Growing up with a dream to farm they saw an opportunity in Cape Breton Island – a dairy farm for sale, lock stock and barrel and we moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia. Their dream didn’t end there, they saw an opportunity to expand from milking jerseys to sharing their whole Jersey milk with Nova Scotia and build a Creamery and not only supply fluid milk but also produce cheese, butter and yogurt.

Our cows
We milk a small herd of Jersey cows. Jersey milk is not like any other, it is 20% higher in calcium, 18% more protein and 29% more butterfat, giving her the nick name, the Component Queen. Our cows are grass fed, grazing on our pastures from early in the spring to late in the fall, in the winter they are fed hay which consists of native grasses, clover and Timothy, grown on our land. They also get grain milled but us.