Tucamore Acres – Lakeville

Tuckamore Acres is a new farm operated by owners Lauren Clark-Gallant and John Wray to produce sustainable organic premium meat and to mill lumber for themselves and others.

Tuckamore Acres’ meat production focuses on Highland Beef and Tamworth Pork. Both Highland cattle and Tamworth pigs graze and forage in the fields and forest, and remain outside all year round – and prefer it that way. The lumber production is focused on harvesting the forest sustainably forest so that the appropriate amount of lumber can be harvested each year. Lumber is milled and processed on site, and harvest partnerships are being explored for long-term sustainability. Let us know if you have a custom milling project you’ve been dreaming about, or any fallen trees you would like milled into a new creation, we’d love to talk with you about it.

Tuckamore Acres’ mission is to create and
sustain a farm with agricultural products that enhance the land, the
environment, and the community. We strive to operate sustainably and
attentively, while facilitating community and educating others.