Uprooted Market & Cafe – Musquodoboit Harbour

Uprooted Market and Cafe was founded by Emma Kiley in her community. Emma graduated from Dalhousie University and since her degree focused largely on the impacts of our food system, the importance of strengthening community, and the role of grassroots initiatives in supporting a local economy she started a business that embodies the values of local, sustainable food and that serves as a hub for her community.

The mission of Uprooted Market and Cafe is to increase accessibility of local food for residents and visitors of Musquodobit Harbour and surrounding communities. Uprooted Market sells locally grown and produced goods such as fruit, vegetables, Foxhill milk, free-run eggs, yogurt and grains as well as environmentally friendly cleaning products, artisan soaps and scented products. The cafe offers healthy lunch options such as soups, salads and sandwiches, as well as Laughing Whale’s fair trade organic coffee and espresso from Lunenburg and Tea Brewery loose teas from Mahone Bay.