Loré’s U-Pick and Country Market – Upper Clyde

Loré Farms are owned and operated by Jackson Loré who has been growing blueberries and strawberries for 33 years and he has been recognized for a pilot project that successfully extended the strawberry growing season in his region.  In addition to their summer harvest (grown from mid-June to late July), Loré Farms produces day-neutral strawberries, which are grown in high tunnels and harvested through November! The farm also grows a variety of vegetables.

Loré Farms are proud to supply the Shelburne area, Barrington Sobeys, Town Maket, Lockeport, Spencers’ Garden Center, Sophia’s Cafe, and Charlotte Lane Cafe with fresh berries and other goods. They also offer a U-Pick for strawberries and blueberries at their farm, located at 5505 Upper Clyde Road, Shelburne.

U-Pick hours are 8am-2pm on weekdays, and 8am-6pm on weekends and holidays. Those interested may also call 902-875-2102 for an appointment.

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