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Getting Your Food to More Tables

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websites – social media – connections – food hubs – distribution

If you grow, process, distribute, or eat food you’re invited to attend!

Wolfville Farmers’ Market , Thursday, October 25th, 6 pm

Contribution $5 – includes tea, coffee, juice, cookies

 Innovative food-related businesses and organizations continually seek to engage existing and new customers. The Web can bridge gaps and facilitate online connections and physical distribution.

FarmWorks is hosting this information and networking session to share ideas and strategies that will enable more effective connections between producers and consumers. FarmWorks encourages collaborations that benefit food producers and consumers.

Chair: Dr. Edith Callaghan, Acadia Business and Business Strategy.

Facilitators and Presenters: FarmWorks Media Advisor Duncan Ebata;

Blue Cow Creative Innovator & Social Media Manager Shaun Whynacht;

Acadia Business and Marketing Professor Dr. Donna Sears


6:00 pm – Refreshments and Conversations

6:30 pm – Welcome, Chair and Introductions, Linda Best – FarmWorks

6:45 pm – Presentations: Duncan, Sean, Donna

7:30 pm – Discussion Break

7:45 pm – Open Forum questions:

o  Are you getting your food to enough tables?

o  What is working well and what is not?

o  How can or does your website help?

o  How can or does social media help?

o  Can FarmWorks help increase connections, communication and collaborations between farms, food producers, distributors, consumers, restaurants, food security organizations and other participants in the food system?

o  Should there be a website / portal that will direct people to every part of the local food system – from field to fork and perhaps all the steps in between?,,,,

8:45 pm – Summary and next steps, Chair

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